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Namesort descending Location Type Description
IRenderFactory::newT lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/IRenderFactory.php function Supplies a basic translated markup render object as product.
RenderB lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderB.php class Renders a B (bold) with simple markup text, optionally translating the text.
RenderBr lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderBr.php class Renders a BR line break.
RenderEm lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderEm.php class Renders an EM (emphasis) with simple markup text.
RenderFactory::newT lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/RenderFactory.php function Supplies a basic markup render object as product.
RenderH lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderH.php class Renders an HTML header.
RenderHr lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderHr.php class Renders an HR horizontal line.
RenderI lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderI.php class Renders an I (italic) with simple markup text.
RenderP lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderP.php class Renders a simple paragraph.
RenderSpan lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderSpan.php class Renders a span with simple markup text.
RenderStrong lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/Tag/RenderStrong.php class Renders a STRONG with simple markup text.
RenderT lib/Drupal/ooe/Render/RenderT.php class A simple markup render array that always translates the given markup.