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Namesort ascending Location Description
_ooe_page_current_posts ./ooe.module Custom page callback function, declared in ooe_menu().
_ooe_demo_page_arguments_forced ./ooe.module Page callback to demo of forced arguments.
_ooe_demo_page_arguments_auto ./ooe.module Page callback to the demo of automatic argument extraction.
ooe_permission ./ooe.module Implements hook_permission().
ooe_menu ./ooe.module Implements hook_menu().
ooe_help ./ooe.module Implements hook_help().
ooe_form_demo_validate ./ooe.module Adapted from
ooe_form_demo_submit ./ooe.module Submit function adapted from form_example_tutorial_7().
ooe_form_demo ./ooe.module Adapted from the main Drupal7 form examples: Form Example 7.
ooe_form_admin_validate ./ooe.module Implements validation of the admin form.
ooe_form_admin ./ooe.module Admin form page callback for drupal_get_form() settings.
ooe_block_view ./ooe.module Implements hook_block_view().
ooe_block_info ./ooe.module Implements hook_block_info().
ooe ./ooe.module An instance of the object-oriented OoeBridge.