interface IControlledProject

A "project" within a module, for which the primary menu item is a controlled page menu item.

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IDemoOfPageArguments.php in lib/Drupal/ooe/Demo/Arguments/IDemoOfPageArguments.php


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interface IControlledProject extends IProject {

   * The primary page menu item.
   * Usually this is a menu item either for a single page for
   * a very simple project or the top-level grouping menu item
   * for a project with many other sub menu items for subpages.
   * For a typical example please visit
   * @link the main welcome page @endlink
   * for all demos in OOE, which is offered by the @link Demo @endlink project.
   * @return \Drupal\ooe\Page\IPageMenuItem
   *   A primary controlled page menu item for the project.
  public function getPageMenuItem();


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
IControlledProject::getPageMenuItem public function The primary page menu item.
IModuleHelper::getFactory public function Either the current factory or a default factory provided on-the-fly.
IModuleHelper::getModule public function The Drupal machine name of the module as a string (all lower case).
IModuleHelper::getModuleDisplayName public function A human readable and displayable name of the module.
IModuleHelper::setModuleDisplayName public function Sets a human readable and displayable name of the module.
IProject::getBlock public function A primary block for the project.
IProject::getBlockView public function A primary block view for the primary block of the project.
IProject::getMenuItem public function A primary menu item for the project.
IProject::getMenuItems public function A set of menu items handled by this.