function _ooe_demo_page_arguments_auto

7.x-1.x ooe.module _ooe_demo_page_arguments_auto($foo = '[foo]', $bar = '[bar]')

Page callback to the demo of automatic argument extraction.

Delegates to OoeBridge::demo_page_arguments_auto(), which uses a DemoOfPageArguments project.

This is an example of a non-controlled page callback; in OOE one usually instead uses an IPageController.

From hook_menu(): 'Note that this automatic passing of optional path arguments applies only to page and theme callback functions.'

Visit also: Foobar


string $foo: The 1st page path argument [optional].

string $bar: The 2nd page path argument [optional].

Return value

array A Drupal page render array with diagnostics on the argument extraction.

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./ooe.module, line 308
An educational tutorial module that demonstrates an Object-Oriented bridge between Drupal7 core's contributed module API and a fully Object-Oriented space. OOE stands for Object-Oriented Examples.


function _ooe_demo_page_arguments_auto($foo = '[foo]', $bar = '[bar]') {
  return call_user_func_array(array(ooe(), OoeBridge::FUNC_DEMO_PAGE_ARGUMENTS_AUTO), func_get_args());