function ooe_form_admin

7.x-1.x ooe.module ooe_form_admin(array $form, array &$form_state)

Admin form page callback for drupal_get_form() settings.

Delegates to OoeBridge::form_admin($form, &$form_state), which uses a CurrentPosts project.

Adapted from the Current Posts example: Creating the configuration form

This is defined as a target in OoeBridge::menu(), which is invoked via ooe_menu(), using an AdminMenuItem (a special kind of IMenuItem).


array $form : Drupal form array.

array $form_state: Drupal form state array.

Return value

array The admin form structure with current posts settings.


./ooe.module, line 208
An educational tutorial module that demonstrates an Object-Oriented bridge between Drupal7 core's contributed module API and a fully Object-Oriented space. OOE stands for Object-Oriented Examples.


function ooe_form_admin(array $form, array &$form_state) {
  return ooe()->form_admin($form, $form_state);