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UML element type:

OOE stereotypes:

extends [Generalization]: 
implements [InterfaceRealization]: 

This diagram shows some novel or optional diagramming techniques supported by MagicDraw UML and some other UML tools

UML Diagram
Click on the UML diagram to view it in a lightbox image viewer. You may then zoom in (or just open the image in a new web browser tab using the Download Original link to view large diagrams).

UML modelling domain:

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to usually diagram like this with the associated elements inside the wrapper @Component I am just showing you that it is possible in MagicDraw UML. It has some pros (such as it groups the elements nicely a bit like an enclosed machine) and some cons (it can be a bit unstable as far as the diagramming of the lines goes). Compare with a composite structure diagram, or a hybrid diagram with an exposed structure compartment.

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