[uml] IMenuItemSet

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UML Diagram
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This diagram includes some additional explanations regarding the relationships in the Webel «!analysis» @Interface and «!wrapper» @Component modeling system.

One wouldn't normally show and discuss so much concerning Components on an Interface diagram, usually it's just enough to show one concrete or abstract implementor @Component for each @Interface, and the matching design Class for the reverse engineered PHP Interface.

Every analysis @Interface class diagram should (be able to) show a "rectangle" formed by an analysis @Interface/@Component pair and the design Interface/Class pair, with Generalizations on the sides, and with the «!Trace» relationship top and the «!encapsulated by» ComponentRealization at the bottom.

Code examples

Adapted from OoeBridge:

   * Delegate for hook_menu().
   * Instead of using structured arrays directly, 
   * it uses implementations of OOE's IMenuItem collected
   * in an IMenuItemSet, which builds the hook_menu arrays.
   * ...
  public function menu() {
    $menuItemSet = $this->factory()->newMenuItemSet();
    // ... 
    // The welcome page 
    $pageController = new OoePageController();
    $menuItemWelcome = $this->factory()->newPageMenuItem(
            MODULE_NAME . ': Demonstrations welcome page',
    $menuItemWelcome->setExpanded(true); //!
   // ... add other menu items ...
    return $menuItemSet->get();
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