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Consider Enum StatusKind (interim solution, BlockStatusKind with consts)

Consider Visibility enum matching BLOCK_VISIBLITY_.. (interim solution, BlockVisibilityKind with consts)

Consider Cache enum (interim solution, BlockCacheKind with consts)

? how check $cache is bitmask

Iff exactly same Cache options used elsewhere promote to DrupalCacheKind.

Consider addProperty(IProperty)

One would not usually show so many related wrapper Components in an analysis interface diagram, however the Enum-like encapsulators of permitted values for $cache, $visibility, and $status are relevant here. For the moment they are represented as static constant attributes of wrapper Components, however one could also model them as literals of UML Enumerations.

There are many strategies for imitating Enums in PHP , but until a decision is made about which way to go, it at least helps to have some encapsulation of allowed values as shown. See also the code example below:

Code examples
  public function block_info() {
    $blockSet = $this->factory()->newBlockSet();
    $block_current_posts = $this->factory()->newBlock(
            $this->getModuleDisplayName() . ': Current posts');
    $block_demo = $this->factory()->newBlock(
            $this->getModuleDisplayName() . ': Demo block');
    return $blockSet->get();
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