[note] Webel/OOE: delegate methods (such as hook and handler implementations) of an OOE bridge Class SHOULD use lower_case_underscore_separated() [not camelCase()]. All other Classes and Interfaces should use camelCase() for operations/methods (as per Drupal8).


A Webel module bridge for Drupal consists of a special Drupal .module file (say 'ooe.module') and a Webel Drupal-PHP-bridge implementation Class such as OoeBridge for the main OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each tutorial module.

This enables one to (code modules for Drupal7 in a truly, purely object-oriented PHP and (best of all) one can then also model the module system in graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML) !

The main .module file should delegate every (!) non-OO function to the Webel bridge class with identical method signatures, except please always drop the module name from each delegate method ! This includes bridge method equivalents of hook functions.

This special OOE bridge convention means that the delegate methods (only) of such bridge classes (only) must depart from the Drupal OO coding standard recommendation that:

'Methods and class properties should use lowerCamel naming'

This is in order to match the non-OO Drupal coding standard that:

'Functions and variables should be named using lowercase, and words should be separated with an underscore'.

This applies only to hook and handler delegate methods:

All other methods (in a bridge class or any other implementation class) should apply the Drupal OO coding standard !
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