[uml] AbstractProject

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extends [Generalization]: 
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UML modelling domain:

For each item (such as an @IBlock) managed by the project it offers a triplet of methods for use by subclasses. Example:

#myBlock():@IBlock[1] [abstract!]
#newBlock($deltaSuffix, $info):@IBlock

The 'newBlock' method is a helper to that (optionally) supports implementation of myBlock() in subclasses. Such helpers always create via the factory. Some helpers use configuration option switches.

You don't have to use/show the block, but you do have to implement myBlock(), at least with a stub.

Webel: I could have implemented a default stub block in myBlock() here in, but then it is too easy to miss the requirement to reimplement it; leaving it abstract means IDEs like NetBeans know subclasses have to implement it ( "think about it").
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