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OOE stereotypes:

extends [Generalization]: 
implements [InterfaceRealization]: 
UML Diagram
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UML modelling domain:

Only those methods of the extended Components relevant to
the implementation by the Demo project are shown !

This is a minimal Demo project tutorial, just enough to show how an object-oriented OOE controlled project for Drupal has a primary menu item with a primary page controller and an "optional" block (which one can choose to enable/disable). This Demo project does not add any additional menu items to its menu items set (compare with DemoOfForms and DemoOfPageArguments ).

Because it does not add any public methods, there is no need to create a dedicated IDemo interface, IControlledProject serves fine from the point of view of the client OoeBridge.

To understand the main principles of the UML-friendly object-oriented Webel coding strategy for the OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each tutorial module please work through the UML diagrams and PHP code of this Demo project and compare it with the adapted CurrentPosts project (which unlike this Demo project does not use a page controller, and only extends AbstractProject).
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