[uml] RenderP

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This is a counter-example only !

The creation of Render subclasses for each well known, oft-used tag may seem convenient, but it leads to class explosion; it is better handled through those parametric IRenderFactory methods that inject an ITag, or through dedicated per-tag creation methods in the factory (that delegate to a parametric method).

The motto is: "let the ITag handle the information about XHTML tags, let Render deal with the Drupal render array structure only".
UML Diagram
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Prefer instead parametrising render objects with tag objects aware of XHTML/HTML5 attributes.

Renders a simple paragraph. This is NOT really suitable for paragraph text with complex HTML markup, although you can pass anything you like to it.

This is not intended for use with complex render structures; for that see instead RenderSet and IRenderFactory::newSetP, which has a facility for accepting render object children.

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