[uml] RenderMenuSubtree

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Webel module:


UML element type:

OOE stereotypes:

extends [Generalization]: 
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UML modelling domain:

Code examples

From OoePageController:

   * This implementation uses OOE @link IRender @endlink 
   * objects to generate the main demos welcome page.
   * ...
   * All render objects are obtained from an @link IRenderFactory @endlink.
   * ...
   * @return array 
   *   A Drupal render array, built using OOE render objects.
  public function page() {
    //We start with a new render group/set that can contain children.
    $page = $this->rf()->newSet();
    $link_path = Common::MODULE;
            $link_path, MenuCommon::MENU_NAVIGATION
    // Finally, we ask the top-level IRenderGroup to build the entire Drupal render array
    return $page->get();
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