[uml] DemoPageController

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Consider repackaging into Drupal\ooe\Demo\Arguments to reflect closeness to page arguments extraction demo.

Code examples

From DemoOfPageArguments :

  private $demoPageController;
  protected function demoPageController() {
    if (empty($this->demoPageController)) {
      $this->demoPageController = new DemoPageController();
      //TODO: how inject MODULE when PageController creates with noargs constructor ?
    return $this->demoPageController;
  private $menuItemControlled;
  protected function menuItemControlled() {
    if (empty($this->menuItemControlled)) {
      $description = "Demonstrates extraction of page callback path arguments for a menu item with an OOE IPageController";
      $this->menuItemControlled = $this->newSubPageMenuItem($this->demoPageController(), DemoPageController::DEMO_NAME, $description);
    return $this->menuItemControlled;
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