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SOAP Server provides an interface for the Services module to communicate with SOAP clients.

Version 6.x-3.x & 7.x-3.x

The module is in use on some production sites but no attention has been paid to security. DO NOT USE ON A PRODUCTION SITE UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO SECURE WEB SERVICES.

Prototype SOAP server for Services 3.x using PHP 5 SOAP Extension. The server generates a WSDL with request parameter types determined from the Services 3 resource. Responses are xsd:struct as often the structure of response objects is not known (e.g. node).
If a more tightly defined return type is required then implement hook_soap_server_wsdl and return a complete WSDL to override the default.

Maintenance status: Actively maintained
Development status: Under active development
Reported installs: 404 sites currently report using this module. View usage statistics.
Downloads: 8,288

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