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The services client module answers that age old question: how do I arbitrarily interface with the services module without having to build a new module from the ground up?

Well, the answer is finally here. Services client is designed to sit on a site and listen for events (currently node save/update and user save/update. It will then push that data up to a Drupal website running services.

It's primary use-case is to synchronize data between two Drupal sites (using UUIDs). It supports re-mapping the data as well as putting content from content type A on the client site to type B on the server site.

The module has a ways to go insofar as making it less specific to the needs it was originally created for, but it is an excellent way to get started with the services module.


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Mar 2014
Maintenance status: Actively maintained
Development status: Under active development
Reported installs: 137 sites currently report using this module.
Downloads: 8,557

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