Webel's postings to Dries about UML for PHP-driven Drupal

Thanks Dries for having taken the time to moderate and post my remarks above. And Happy New Year in 2015 for you and Drupal.

Having expressed here (as a UML+Java fan) my deep frustration about the lack of integration of PHP - and especially the typical Drupal coding style and APIs - with graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML), and being one not to just complain, I have commenced (in early 2014) development of a UML-friendly bridge between Drupal7 core and a completely OO world, a truly OO API for Drupal7 (and I will also apply this approach to Drupal8, given support).

I invite those of you interested in object-orientation and graphical UML-driven software engineering to examine this ground-breaking project:

- [module] OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each

- OOE graphical UML models

- OOE: UML diagrams gallery

- [Video] Demonstrations of NetBeans IDE prompting on an OOE IMenuItem encapsulation of a Drupal menu item in object-oriented PHP

- Screenshot: NetBeans IDE prompting on an OOE IMenuItem encapsulating a Drupal7 menu item.

- https://drupal.org/sandbox/webel/2120905

The Object Oriented Examples (OOE) module so far covers only a fraction of the Drupal7 API, but I am convinced this is the future of Drupal for those of us who embrace complete object-orientation and/or come from a Java background. This does show the way ahead.

And please note, this project is not "a better Drupal" project, it is a bridge designed to work exactly with Drupal7 core. It just means that those of us who don't want to work with the Drupal APIs as they currently are can now live in a more Java-like, UML-friendly, and IDE-friendly world.

Darren Kelly, Webel IT Australia.