TIPS: Drush command line tools for Drupal


This info in this Drush zone is mostly already covered by links and remarks at the module review page Drush [command line admin and scripting], where you'll also find Drush install instructions and some more 'drush' command line usage examples.

TIP: you can install a specific version of Drupal (often needed for development work on older existing projects) like this:
# drush dl drupal-7.16
Project drupal (7.16) downloaded to /Library/WebServer/Documents/drupal-7.16. [success]
Project drupal contains: [success]
 - 3 profiles: testing, standard, minimal
 - 4 themes: stark, seven, garland, bartik
 - 47 modules: drupal_system_listing_incompatible_test, drupal_system_listing_compatible_test, user, update, trigger,
translation, tracker, toolbar, taxonomy, system, syslog, statistics, simpletest, shortcut, search, rdf, profile, poll, php,
path, overlay, openid, node, menu, locale, image, help, forum, filter, file, field_ui, text, options, number, list,
field_sql_storage, field, dblog, dashboard, contextual, contact, comment, color, book, blog, block, aggregator

See also Installing a specific version of a project with drush.

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