[uml] Common

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Webel module:


UML element type:

OOE stereotypes:

Relationships (inverse)

Constants common to the entire module.

Promotes robust Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) code rather than error-prone Write Everything Twice (WET) code:

- Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY Principle)

- Write Everything Twice (WET) (because "we enjoy typing")

Any constant that is used in more than one file SHOULD be defined here (or should be similarly defined in another shared class) ! This makes it easier to adapt the entire module code to other modules.

UML Diagram
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UML modelling domain:


There are lots of dependencies on Common here because it manages the module's application-wide machine name and display name as constants ! The diagram is giving the hint graphically that there is not enough delegation via OOP.

Too many dependencies from the outermost .module file llevel direct to Common in the OOP Class layer implies not enough delegation.

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