[note] Q: Why do some diagrams and models contain so many static public methods and basically fully static "Helper" and "Builder" Classes with only a few instantiated objects ? A: It's an interim step for progressive migration to classes and objects.

Detailed answer: Because this is part of the migration process from a non-OO Drupal7 project to a more OO one using the Webel process. As a first step, flat functions from Drupal7-style include files are encapsulated - along with relevant data constants - into static public class methods. This is just UML-friendly enough to enable the 1st stage of reverse engineering into graphical UML with PEAR:PHP_UML !

Moral: reverse-engineer whatever you have that is working into graphical UML space, don't worry yet about the Class and Object structure, that will come naturally as the result of the graphical analysis in UML, as a 2nd stage.

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