[note] DIRTY TRICK for reverse-engineering "flat" Drupal7-style .module and .inc PHP files into methods of Webel-style wrapper @Components


Because PEAR:PHP_UML can only reverse engineer PHP Class and Interface files (not "flat" Drupal7-style .module or

.inc</<code> files) this element is a pure analysis element without any relationship to a reverse engineered class:
<div class="info TIP">
There is however a little trick that can help ease the process and saves a lot of tie. Once a <code>.module

file (or another non-class PHP file) is stable enough to be worth representing in UML, you can duplicate that file temporarily, wrap all duplicated function statements temporarily in a PHP class statement and brackets, reverse engineer the dummy class with PEAR:PHP_UML, then copy the reverse-engineered operations and attributes from the dummy UML class into the analysis Component representing the module file. Then delete the temporary duplicate dummy Class file and its matching dummy UML Class.

But from then on you need to baby-sit the @Component by hand, unless you are willing to manage flat and non-flat Class-like versions of the PHP files (which might be possible through code inclusion into the Class file).

Note applies to ...