DISCLAIMER: regarding promotion of the OMG-related graphical engineering technologies UML and SysML

DISCLAIMER: while Webel IT Australia is a long-term advocate for the graphical engineering technologies of the Object Management Group (OMG™), the OMG does not officially endorse the promotion of OMG technologies on this site. The term Webel UML recipe for PHP on this site refers to unendorsed adaptations of graphical engineering with Unified Modeling Language (UML™) suited especially for use with the MagicDraw UML tool, and adapted here for use with reverse-engineering of the PHP language (as used for Drupal CMS contributed modules).

Dr Darren of Webel IT Australia may well be more of a fan of the OMG's graphical engineering technologies than any other member of the OMG; he is also likely a more vocal critic of those software developers who refuse to "see the light" that only graphical engineering affords.

Why ? Because using graphical engineering to complement code-only engineering is like leaving Edwin Abbott's "Flatland" behind for multi-dimensional Spaceland (as so eloquently described by Carl Sagan in Cosmos) ! UML is to software engineering what Einstein's theories of relativity are to physics; developing deep insights requires new notations and new languages. As the wise quote attributed to Einstein says:

'"The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

Or as Dr Darren of Webel IT likes to say it: "Just using text/code-based software engineering is only using half your brain"