[uml] FlagBanner

REFACTOR: this software engineering content is flagged as under consideration for refactoring.

Webel module:


UML element type:

OOE stereotypes:


Default implementation of a banner specific to a Flag. This version uses a simple rectangular strip.

Note how it stores the data (text color, background color, border color, and style options) for the 2 separate states 'flagged' and 'not flagged' in dedicated state data holders !
UML Diagram
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UML modelling domain:


? refactor: Long creation parameter lists in factory methods like myFlagBannerStateData() can be replaced with carefully repeated setters (in say getDataFlagged() and getDataNotFlagged(), but that approach is more fragile, as one has to be sure to repeat the setters sequence exactly the same way in 2 separate methods, breaking the DRY principle.