Q: What UML modelling tool and what methodology are you using ?

The UML diagrams for the Flag Plus contributed are prepared using MagicDraw UML with the MD SysML Plugin (OMG systems engineering dialect extension). The author Dr Darren Kelly of Webel IT Australia worked for the developers of MagicDraw UML as an expert advisor on component-based software engineering and systems engineering. This UML-friendly PHP modelling recipe was developed primarily for use with MagicDraw UML by Dr Darren Kelly and adapted for use with PHP, but most aspects of the modelling recipe can be used with the better UML tools.

To fully appreciate these models you will have to understand The Webel «!wrapper» @Components and «!analysis» @Interfaces recipe and study the Webel UML recipe for PHP: Notes: modelling policies, conventions, tips, which you will find associated with some diagrams. But don't hesitate to just dive in and examine these diagrams and UML model elements, as there are rich educational comments and remarks in the diagram to guide your journey !

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