[note] Q: Why aren't you making (more) use of database functionality of the core Drupal7 entities, "fieldable" entities, and the Entity API in your graphical UML for PHP demos ? A: Because I have not yet reversed those aspects of Drupal7 into graphical UML.

In order to demonstrate the Webel recipe for PHP the database interactions for the demo modules on this site are made deliberately very simple. This is in part to simplify the representation of those parts of the module involving the database interaction, but largely because I have not yet reverse engineered the Drupal7 core entity/field system of the Entity API system into the Webel UML recipe for UML.

For example, the Flag Plus contributed module currently (as of 2015-04-20) has a very simple single table managed with the help of a helper class BannerSchema and some other helper classes like BannerFlagHelper that leverage it and offer a few simple database CRUD methods.

Note also that as soon as you make a Drupal7 entity "fieldable" you have to deal with additional field-related DB tables.

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