UML for PHP-driven Drupal7

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This zone presents some information on progress toward graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML) engineering of PHP-driven Drupal. Unfortunately, Drupal7 core is/was not yet sufficiently UML-friendly, so much of the UML modelling of Drupal core is limited to freestyle analysis models unbound to reverse-engineered "design(ed)" elements.

By contrast, the OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each tutorial module featured on this site is a completely object-oriented module (with an OO bridge to Drupal7 core) designed to admit easier (but still not as easy as Java or C++) reverse-engineering to UML, in combination with The Webel «!wrapper» @Components and «!analysis» @Interfaces recipe. Extensive UML models for OOE are available under: OOE graphical UML models. These are very revealing about Drupal7 core, because OOE is a bridge to Drupal7 core !

The Flag Plus module is also largely modelled in UML too. Although it is not yet integrated with the object-oriented bridge of the OOE module, it shows how one can progressively move towards UML-friendlier object-orientation and use combinations of reverse-engineered "design(ed)" PHP elements and UML analysis elements to identify areas of the module requiring refactoring.

Please visit also the policy and convention notes, which include graphical examples of application of the Webel wrapper analysis Component recipe. And please visit also: DISCLAIMER: regarding promotion of the OMG-related graphical engineering technologies UML and SysML.

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