Panels demo: a 2-column stacked layout

Panels: New custom content example

As well as choosing from a massive range of page elements, menus, blocks, existing nodes/pages, and views, one can simply create some custom content to include as a pane.

For getting started with Panels, I highly recommend this tutorial video by Shane Thomas: Drupal 7 Panels Module Basics (part 1) - Daily Dose of Drupal. As in that tutorial, this demo panels page uses a 2-column stacked layout with Top, Left, Right, and Bottom panels/zones (rather than a "flexible" layout). The content assignment involves some custom content (this), some nodes (existing pages as teasers), some blocks (with custom CSS classes applied), and an expanded menu:

[module] Panels

HOT TIP: this content is flagged as highly recommended !
TIP: when using Panels, always also turn on the Page manager
module within the Chaos tool suite (ctools).

Panels is massively powerful (although I do miss some of the simplicity of Composite Layout [Drupal6], which I used gladly on some Drupal6 sites). Panels is now far more stable that in the first years of Drupal7, and will clearly likely be supported at high priority in future versions of Drupal.

[blog] Welcome to the Drupal7 demo by Webel IT Australia

In the age old tradition, this site progressively records aspects of Drupal7 that may be of use to other Drupal7 developers, however it does so using full object-orientation and graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML). It is not, and will never be, a complete guide to Drupal7. It is offered in the hope that it may be of some use to others.

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With sincere gratitude from Webel IT Australia to Drupal CMS. Although it's not perfect, it is very powerful and is very popular with good reason.


[image] Screenshot: NetBeans IDE prompting on an OOE IMenuItem encapsulating a Drupal7 menu item

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[video] Video: Demonstration of NetBeans IDE prompting on an OOE IMenuItem encapsulation of a Drupal menu item in object-oriented PHP {MediaFront}

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OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each