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[module] Collapse Text

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I have an old (internal) Drupal6 site I use for tracking a software development project, including issue tracking. It often has long code listings, stack trace listings etc. that can become unwieldy and difficult to read. This module was the perfect solution. I now make nearly all code listing [collapsed] by default and it has made reading and organising this work far easier.

[module] Drupal for Firebug

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[module] Jquery Colorpicker

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[module] JQuery menu


A good choice for better menu interaction, but be careful on very large sites because it loads the entire menu structure on every page load.

[module] DHTML Menu


As far as I can tell, DHTML still loads behind the scenes each entire menu it is applied to, so it does not seem to have any performance advantage over JQuery menu (which has the advantage that it combines with Advanced Book Blocks, and it is far more configurable per menu, making JQuery Menu my current winner and is used throughout this site). By comparison, Active menus performs AJAX interrogation of the children of a parent menu item on opening, which in principle makes it more efficient when very large menus are involved.

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