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[module] Collapse Text

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I have an old (internal) Drupal6 site I use for tracking a software development project, including issue tracking. It often has long code listings, stack trace listings etc. that can become unwieldy and difficult to read. This module was the perfect solution. I now make nearly all code listing [collapsed] by default and it has made reading and organising this work far easier.

[module] Context

This module review page serves as its own demo page. The context in this case is that the node type is 'module', and that the path is 'node/2288', in which case the reaction is to hide many of the theme's regions (including the right sidebar), and to include the 'Powered by Drupal' block and the 'Contributed module demos' menu block in the theme's 'featured' region (above this content area).

Move to any other page and you should see the theme layout return to normal.

[module] Display Suite


Only the Drupal7 7.x-2.x branch is assessed here.

The gist of the Display Suite (DS) is that you can change the layout (across all instances) of a chosen node content type or other entity type (like user, comment, taxonomy term, vocabulary) without having to use PHP theme template overrides.

For a demo please visit: Display Suite demo

There is some overlap with Panels, but in typical basic usage the major differences are that:

[module] Field group

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I consider this one of the most useful contributed modules in Drupal7. It's essential for getting control over display/screen real estate and the user experience (UX) when dealing with rich/complex structured data and content. I use it on every single Drupal site I've ever developed.

[module] Lightbox2


Lightbox2 is used on this site on all UML diagram image fields of the Module content type, which one can also inspect via the OOE UML gallery.

One can also (given correct order and settings of text format input filters) use it inline in any page text like this:

[module] Panels

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TIP: when using Panels, always also turn on the Page manager
module within the Chaos tool suite (ctools).

Panels is massively powerful (although I do miss some of the simplicity of Composite Layout [Drupal6], which I used gladly on some Drupal6 sites). Panels is now far more stable that in the first years of Drupal7, and will clearly likely be supported at high priority in future versions of Drupal.

[module] Composite Layout [Drupal6]

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I made good of this excellent little module on many Drupal6 sites:

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