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Drupal7 AJAX commands (outside forms)

Did you know ?

If has a link has class 'use-ajax' <a class='use-ajax href="..."> Drupal will replace an explicit 'nojs' in the path with 'ajax'. But in fact if we call on a response menu item without any '/nojs' in the path to replace, and Drupal will still APPEND '/ajax' (or '/nojs' accordingly), which can then be processed as the first argument in the response callback (and tested for 'ajax' vs 'nojs') !

Demo: Services: REST: offer GET node resource

This demonstration has been temporarily disabled. Readers are encouraged to install Services and follow the tutorial Testing Services with the node resource.

Adapted from Testing Services with the node resource. Demonstrates using Services [and REST Server] to offer a read-only REST node GET on a given node id (in this case the first):

Definitions: Web services

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