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TIP: PHPCSMD: a plugin for PHP Code Sniffer compatible with NetBeans8 and the Drupal Coding Standards from Coder

If you are using NetBeans IDE for Drupal contributed module development - my absolutely favourite IDE for many years, and super for PHP and Drupal work - then you SHOULD take the time and trouble to install a plugin that gives you feedback on departures from Drupal coding standards, this can save you days of fiddly work.

TIP: NetBeans: removing trailing whitespace (to meet the Drupal Coding Standards and pass Coder/PHP_CodeSniffer)

This works for removing trailing whitespace in NetBeans 8.0 (Mac version):

NetBeans > Preferences > Editor > On Save > Remove Trailing Whitespace From: All Lines 

Make sure you have:

Language = PHP

And you may need to deselect:

TIPS: Drush command line tools for Drupal

This info in this Drush zone is mostly already covered by links and remarks at the module review page Drush [command line admin and scripting], where you'll also find Drush install instructions and some more 'drush' command line usage examples.

Drupal8 still makes massive use of "by convention" structured arrays

The bad news is that Drupal8 still makes massive use of "by convention" structured arrays rather than full object-oriented encapsulation. It's still extremely Write Everything Twice (WET) (because "we enjoy typing") w.r.t. repetition of array keys, not DRY like proper OO code.

The good news is that this means that a version of OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each for Drupal8 may be welcomed by real OO advocates.

Drupal8 intros and overviews

Some interesting external links on Drupal8, in no particular order.

Towards OO in Drupal8 (almost)

Originally it was indicated that Drupal8 might be available as a stable release in mid 2013; it's mid Aug 2014 and still only drupal 8.0.0-alpha14 is available, which is not stable enough to create a dedicated Drupal8 demo site yet, hence this zone here.
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