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Drupal7 AJAX commands (outside forms)

Did you know ?

If has a link has class 'use-ajax' <a class='use-ajax href="..."> Drupal will replace an explicit 'nojs' in the path with 'ajax'. But in fact if we call on a response menu item without any '/nojs' in the path to replace, and Drupal will still APPEND '/ajax' (or '/nojs' accordingly), which can then be processed as the first argument in the response callback (and tested for 'ajax' vs 'nojs') !

Drupal7 AJAX Forms

Although IMHO Drupal's spin on AJAX is still fairly horrible compared with the amazing Partial Page Rendering/Update technology of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and 3rd party JSF toolkits like Primefaces, the Drupal7 Forms API makes it easier than previously to handle AJAX updates. From Form API Changes for Drupal 7, Part 2: AJAX/AHAH Changes:

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