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OOE graphical UML models

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This essential and unique subzone progressively includes information on the main Interfaces/Classes in the OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each object-oriented tutorial module, modelled here in graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML) using the Webel «!wrapper» @Components and «!analysis» @Interfaces recipe - a powerful UML analysis modelling strategy developed over many years by Dr Darren of Webel IT Australia, adapted here to parasitically analyse "already design(ed)" reverse-engineered PHP Interfaces/Classes.

QUICKSTART: use the search table of all UML elements for the OOE module with filters

Flag Plus: graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML) models for PHP

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QUICKSTART: jump straight to one of the UML model element and diagram reports for the Flag Plus contributed module:

- The full gallery or the icon gallery of UML diagrams for Flag Plus.

- The UML element overview table of all UML model elements for Flag Plus.

This overview diagram of the entire Flag Plus module system is more graphically complex than is usually recommended ! See also within this zone the dedicated linked "focus" diagrams for each analysis model element with only its nearest neighbour model elements.

Towards OO in Drupal8 (almost)

Originally it was indicated that Drupal8 might be available as a stable release in mid 2013; it's mid Aug 2014 and still only drupal 8.0.0-alpha14 is available, which is not stable enough to create a dedicated Drupal8 demo site yet, hence this zone here.

Some other people who also seem to think that Drupal6, Drupal7 (and still Drupal8) is not coded very well and is not OO enough

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From 7 reasons to switch from Drupal to Yii (Eric Kennedy) [Webel: and please note I am not suggesting you switch from Drupal, I am suggesting fixing Drupal by using true OOP ]:

If Drupal is a framework, only Rube Goldberg could love it


Towards Object-Orientation in Drupal

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For now this topic is covered largely by remarks under Towards OO in Drupal8 (almost), noting that a version of OOE = Object Oriented Examples = One Of Each will now very likely be developed for Drupal8 too (because it still does not use full object-oriented encapsulation).

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